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Bathroom Aids

Bathing can be a problem for many who suffer from mobility issues. We aim to help with our collection of bathroom aids that gives you independence, easy use and easy installation all at excellent value. Our antibacterial bathing seat gives you easy access and more safety than if you were struggling in and out. It is just part of our range of products designed to give you independence, like our Walking Aids and Self Propelled Wheelchairs.

Whether you are bathing or using the toilet, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your freedom. Included in the range is the easy to fit raised toilet seats, allowing you to go without unnecessary strain or embarrassment. Available without lids, these make life easier and make sure you don’t lose your freedom. Completing the range is the electronic, remote controlled bathlift. Clifford James stock more Bathroom Ideas at excellent value. And when you have finished relaxing in the bath, look at our Fitness Aids for massaging mats.